KRD Catalogue migrated to a new software KOHA

Dear Users,


The catalogue of Knowledge Resource Division, CSIR-SERC, has migrated to a new open-source integrated library system (ILS) called KOHA. Autolib software is no longer in use.


To access the new catalogue, users can choose any of the two options listed below:


  1. Go to CSIR-SERC intranet. Choose KRD in the menu bar. In KRD portal, click KRD Catalogue.


  1. Type the URL in the web browser. The catalogue is available in public domain, and hence the users can also access the catalogue from outside the campus using this URL.


The detailed user instruction is attached as pdf file.


Individual user logins are available for each user. The user access details (username and password) are attached as excel file. Users are requested to change their password after first login.


For further clarifications, please contact Dr. Mymoon Moghul (9132) / Ms Lakshmi Poorna (4728) of KRD.