CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre (CSIR-SERC), Chennai, a national laboratory of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, is one of the major centres of structural engineering research in the country and abroad. Nestled amidst the greenery in the campus, is the Knowledge Resource Division (KRD) set up on modern lines.

KRD is automated using modern technologies such as barcoding and RFID.

KRD houses a well maintained longue, reading and reference areas, journal racks displaying current journals, storage compactors archiving back volumes and a separate floor dedicated for books and proceedings.

KRD has excellent collection of resources in the areas of civil and structural engineering and is one of the best structural engineering libraries in the country.

Providing invaluable support to researchers, its collection has grown to cover all aspects of structural engineering and its related sciences.

KRD has recently installed a precision engineered range of storage compactors that provide maximum storage capacity in limited space.

A surveillance system covering all areas of KRD is also installed to enhance security.

A library book...is not, then, an article of mere consumption but fairly of capital, and often in the case of professional men, setting out in life, is their only capital.

Thomas Jefferson

Two forces are successfully influencing the education of a cultivated man: art and science. Both are united in the book.

Maksim GORKY

Books are lighthouses erected in the great sea of time.

Edwin P. Whipple

Library Here is where people,
One frequently finds,
Lower their voices,
And raise their minds.

Norman Cousins

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