General Rules

  • The users should enter their name and entry time in the register kept at the entrance while entering Knowledge Resource Division (KRD). Likewise, exit time should be entered while leaving.
  • Silence must be observed inside KRD and loud talking is prohibited in all parts of KRD. As KRD is the place of individual study and research, members should conduct themselves to maintain an atmosphere conducive to this. Use of mobile phone inside KRD is not permitted.
  • Books should be handled with care. Marking on books is most objectionable. KRD follows Open Access System and hence the members have the privilege of direct access to book shelves in the Stack and Reference and Reading Hall. It is important that the classified arrangements of books according to the numbers, is maintained in the shelves for the convenience of the members themselves. A book could be freely taken out of the shelves, on no account should they be reshelved by the members as they lead to misplacement of books. Such books may be left on the nearest table and the same will be shelved by the KRD Staff.
  • The user systems in the KRD can be used only to browse and search the KRD resources. Online access and download of e-resources is not permitted inside the KRD.

For better use of KRD, users can have the help of the KRD staff.