Lending service

Issue/return of documents is restricted to the CSIR-SERC and CMC staff members of the campus. Lending period is as below:

Books 28 Days
Back Volumes 14 Days
Standards 7 Days
Journal Issues 1 Day


Users need to renew / return the documents on or before the due date. Overdue (INR 2 per day) will be charged for delay in renewal / return of documents.


Literature search service

Literature search service is available to both staff members and outsiders. Outsiders have to pay 30 rupees per page (8 entries per page without abstract) for printed bibliographic output and 25 rupees for electronic copy.


Reference service

Reference service is open to regular staff members, students, and project & research team of the campus. Outsiders can use KRD services by taking regular or daily membership.


On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) Service

The computerised bibliographic details of the books, theses, reports, journals, conference proceedings, journal papers etc. are available in KRD through the OPAC (On-line Public Access Catalogue) service. Four client systems are provided to the users for this service.

The catalogue of Knowledge Resource Division, CSIR-SERC, has recently been migrated to a new open-source integrated library system (ILS) called KOHA. Autolib software is no longer in use. Koha is the first open-source ILS that is popularly used world-wide. Koha is web-based ILS, with a SQL database with cataloging data stored in MARC (MAchine-Readable Cataloging). MARC is the international standard for dissemination of bibliographic data.

To access the new catalogue, you can use any of the two options listed below:

1. Go to CSIR-SERC intranet. Choose KRD in the menu bar. In KRD portal, click KRD Catalogue.

2. Type the URL in the browser. The catalogue is available in public domain, and hence the users can access the catalogue from outside the campus using this URL.


Photocopy service

Photocopy service is available for papers from journals and conference proceedings. This service is provided only on request from project leaders and scientists of the centre.

For other users and outsiders, corresponding charges apply.

2 rupees per page for the first 15 pages

3 rupees per page for additional pages


Inter Library Services

Inter library loan is the document delivery request, which facilitates the user to request papers from journals subscribed by other CSIR and DST labs. If a document is not available at KRD, CSIR-SERC, users can send their requirements to us; we would find out the availability of the document in other CSIR/DST laboratories and would request the laboratory to send a soft / hard copy. The document is then sent to the requested user. Even if the document is not available in other CSIR/DST laboratories, KRD, CSIR-SERC tries its best to get the document from other possible sources.

Users themselves can send a inter library document request to other CSIR/DST laboratories through the tools listed under Inter Library Services option under Quick Links in the home page of KRD portal.


Consultancy Services

KRD, CSIR-SERC offers the following consultancy services:

  • To set up a KRD
  • Design and development of information products and services
  • Implementation of barcoding system
  • Design of barcoded ID cards
  • KRD automation
  • ISO certification
  • Information support service