The Best New Building In The World

The Best New Building In The World

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The apartment complex which is known as The Interlace in Singapore has bestowed its top honor, the World Building of the Year Award at the World Architecture Festival 2015 and it is designed by Ole Scheeren for the Dutch-based Office for Metropolitan Architecture.

This building is one of the most ambitious and innovative residential developments in the history of Singapore and The complex contains 1,040 apartment units of varying sizes spread across more than 1.8 million square feet — all with an incredible amount of outdoor space and landscaping.

The Interlace is actually 31 different 6-storey towers. Their geometry creates a small village with eight beautiful gardens, swimming pools, ponds, barbeque, roof gardens, outdoor sports areas and many more functional areas. The complex was opened to its first guests in 2013.

Ole Scheeren described the 170,000-square-metre complex as a “vertical village”.

“What I think is significant and radical about The Interlace is that it is a blatant reversal of a typology,” Scheeren told Dezeen in an interview at the World Architecture Festival.

“Housing – through the quantities that it has been produced in, and the formulaic nature it has taken out of an almost lethal mix of building regulations, efficiency and profit concerns – has become simply compressed into a very standardised format. I think this project shows in a really dramatic way, and also in a significant scale, that something else is possible.”

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