Wiley journals online access through Consortium

As part of National Knowledge Resource Consortium, CSIR-SERC has access to 248 Wiley titles. The access is available to content published in the current year as well as content published from 1997 onwards (where ever applicable).

To ensure that users have all the information and resources needed to use the content, Wiley has created a dedicated page showcasing:

• The list of Wiley journals, classified into subject categories, those are currently accessible to all the CSIR-DST members under National Knowledge Resource Consortium.

• Step by step guide to set up alerts on your favorite journal title.

• Additional resources from Wiley like self-paced training tutorials, Quick User Guides and various author services from Wiley for those who would like to contribute their papers.

The dedicated page can be accessed using the below link, to browse and search content more effectively based on your need.

Wiley journals access for NKRC members